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Logan Valley Girl Scouts Host NASA Solar System Ambassador Lyndsi Hampton

Pictured: Circleville Troop 1579 with Lyndsi Hampton

On March 25th at the Pickaway County Library, the Logan Valley Girl Scouts hosted NASA Ambassador, Lyndsi Hampton on the subject of space, science, and the involvement of women in those fields.

According to troop leader Mary-Beth Stanley, Lyndsi presented women in space and brief bios about some of them. She also presented the girls with different space science-related careers, including information about necessary education and salary descriptions. She told the girls how they can start working now on how to reach a goal of a science related career.

The girl scouts were also taught, through hands-on activities, about the size of the solar system, allowing them to create meter-long scales of the solar system and create small-scale planets out of clay.

Lyndsi told the girls that average age of people in space is 34. She talked about how the focus in the next 20 years, is to send people to Mars (with the intention of returning) and encouraged the girls to realize that they will be the perfect age to become a part of the missions.

The girls were encouraged to ask questions. The girls were engaged in this segment, asking questions related to her specific Mars-exploration beliefs and how they are similar and different to the beliefs and goals of Elon Musk to “lighter” questions such as how do astronauts sleep.

The event was hosted because the Logan Valley Girl Scounts have “a group who are actively working to change their community (and the world) for the better. We need to equip these Scouts with resources that help them realize they can ‘change the world’ at a large scale. These girls are leaders in their community and these kinds of events will hopefully inspire them to continue to be leaders throughout their lives.”

For more information on the local Girl Scout troop, please contact Janet Littler with Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland at 740-773-2146 ext. 8756


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