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Locals Create Easter Parade with Easter Bunny in Ashville

photo: kelly rapp

ASHVILLE – Easter Bunny is coming back to Ashville this year and will have two events free for kids.

Local Brianna Cline posted that they will bring the Easter Bunny to Ashville on April 3, 2021 for two appearances this year. One for a photo shoot and another for a parade.

“The first appearance will be from 11-2 at the park by Ashville Elementary (not the school park but the one-off to the side)! Here, children will be able to take pictures with the Easter bunny and will receive a digital download for the pictures. I am working with a local, AMAZING photographer who will be taking professional pictures of your kiddos with the Easter bunny for food/cash donations! The info for the digital downloads will be given at the photography session. The food donations will be taken to the Ashville food pantry and the cash donations are going to be given to Matt Hardbarger! For those who do not know Matt, he is the man who made a free food box in front of his home for anyone in need in the area. He has kept it full with most of his own $, besides donations that he has received. This $ will be used locally for those who need it most!”

The 2nd appearance will also be on April 3rd starting at 5p.m, The Easter Bunny parade. This year we have made a route so that everyone will know where the bunny will be traveling. If you do not live on those streets, you are more than welcome to park on the streets and wait for the parade to go by. The Easter bunny will be throwing out pre-filled store-bought eggs!”

Brianna is asking for egg donations If you would like to donate eggs please shoot me a message or drop them off to Kelly or Matt!

The route for the parade is below, it will start at 5 pm