Home News Local Police and Fire Departments Receive Free Needed Narcan From Community

Local Police and Fire Departments Receive Free Needed Narcan From Community


CIRCLEVILLE – Today, June 12 Schieber Pharmacy with a grant from Cardinal Health, and PAC provided Circleville Police, Pickaway County Sheriff, and Circleville fire with a full year worth of life-saving Narcan.  This Narcan is a donation from Cardinal Health to support efforts by local fire and police on the Opioid crisis that affects our area.  “There are about 110 units of Narcan available from this grant to local police/fire, and each unit has two doses of Narcan, said Larry Schieber, of Schieber Pharmacy in Circleville.

“We already have a grant for Narcan from DAWN (Deaths Avoided with Naloxone), but that grant from the Health Department, cannot be shared to fire department.  This grant will enable us to backfill and share with local fire, so we all have enough.  The problem was we were starting to run short on it, that’s when Larry Schieber said we could probably get this grant for more through Cardinal Health, said Pickaway County Sheriff Radcliff.

Narcan will reverse the symptoms of an overdose situation almost immediately, two doses of Narcan and an IV fluid for your stronger fentanyl drugs.  Sadly this problem isn’t going away it is actually getting worse.  This grant is a life saver, no pun intended, said Marc Zingerelli Circleville Fire Department.

“We greatly appreciate this grant through Schieber’s from Cardinal Heath, it will help save lives in Pickaway County and our community,” said Sgt. Hafey Circleville Police Department.

It is a community effort, so Cardinal Health is another partner along with Schieber Pharmacy and PAC.  It is not going to be the police department or the fire department alone that solves this drug problem but a community effort.  Our job is to save people and deal with the rest afterward. To see people who were saved come back and say if it weren’t for Narcan I wouldn’t be here today to live a productive life, not everyone does but that’s not our job to make that decision. We just have to do our jobs, said Pickaway County Sheriff Radcliff.

Cardinal Heath has been an excellent resource for Pac on this grant and many others for us, I thank all the first responders for their efforts and hope this helps saves lives, said Devin Scribner Executive Director at Pickaway County Addiction Action Coalition.