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Local Fire Department Warns Of Shower Curtain Use in Restaurants


Pickaway – Harrison Fire Department has put out a warning to local restaurants that are trying to navigate though social distancing orders that some things seen on the internet are against code.

According to Harrison fire department shower curtains hung between booths would not adhere to the Ohio fire code.

“As we navigate all of the changes taking place due to the current pandemic, we want to make sure our community remains safe! We can’t wait to see all of our businesses reopen, however we want to ensure any modifications made to comply with Health Department guidelines are safe and compliant with the Ohio Fire Code.

Several stories have been shared showing innovative approaches to maintaining social distancing, including use of plastic shower curtains between tables/booths in restaurants. Many of these types of items can be highly flammable and do not comply with the Fire  Code!”

The Department said that if you have questions over current fire code or changes you have made to be in compliance with orders that you want checked with fire department to make sure they are not against fire code call them.

“As you explore options to comply with social distancing requirements, please contact us if you have any questions so we can help to make sure you don’t accidentally create fire and life safety issues! Contact us at 740-983-4115 for any questions.”