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Local Day Spa May Close Doors Forever after Eight Years


CIRCLEVILLE – Bella Zari Hair Studio and day spa says that closing its doors may become a reality soon after hearing news of Dewine’s extended order until May 29.

Dewine’s stay at home order closed schools, large gatherings events, and non-essential business. Nail and hair salons were defined as non-essential and were ordered to close in late March. Now 44 days later some companies are still paying for rent, house payments, and bills but have no income.

A online post from the Spa said, “The reality for us and so many other salons is that rent is due tomorrow, and we still cannot work, and have no idea of when we will be able to. The shop sits empty, but rent and utilities still need paid.
After an emotional meeting tonight with the staff, we have all agreed that we are in spot where permanently closing our doors is becoming our only option.” 

For this particular spa most of the employees are self-employed independent contractors who support the spa and collect a pay check from their work. Since they are independent workers they dont usually qualify for unemployment.

On Match 18th of this year the spa was positive and supportive of the shut down saying, “It needed to happen.”

The company says that over the last 8 years they have supported the town and as a last ditch effort are asking for the same in return,Bella Zari has been open in downtown Circleville under the ownership of Mindy Yoe for the last 8 years. In those 8 years, multiple donations for fundraisers, events, sports teams, and school functions have been made. Now is a good time to help those who have helped you when you needed it.
Please think about supporting your Stylist, Nail Tech, or Massage Therapist in any way you can right now. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you, and we would hate to see it end this way.