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Local Artists Spread Hope at Ohio Health Berger


CIRCLEVILLE – Local art teachers and people from the local art community came out to Ohio Helath Berger today to help spread inspirational messages for doctors, nurses, and patients, during the difficult times.

“We wanted to honor the administrative staff, the support staff, and clinical staff right now, who are being this communities front line. The staff at Berger is amazing, they care about this community and they need our support right now. Some teachers couldn’t make it out today so they are creating pieces to go into break rooms and public rooms in the hospital to let people know we are thinking about them and praying for them.”

“I think the biggest challenge right now for people is isolation, said Ohio Health Berger Spokesperson, “It quickly becomes a deception that you are alone, this is something to indicate that you are not alone. That people do care about each other, and we are in it together like the hash tag under Ohio Health Berger. We are all standing with each other through this process.”

Words written in chalk in the sidewalks going into the front doors and emergency doors say, “HOPE, Thank You, We’ve got this Circleville, we are all in this together, God is in control, This too shall pass, Thank you EDS, Praying for your Safety, and Thank you for caring for our community.”