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Local Agencies Launch Community Narcan Pilot Program


CIRCLEVILLE – In response to the recent upswing of overdoses in Pickaway and surrounding counties the Circleville Municipal Court Probation Department has decided to collaborate with the Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition and other local law enforcement agencies to implement a Community Narcan Pilot Program. The Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition has received a grant that provides vouchers for two free doses of Narcan that can be redeemed at select pharmacies in Pickaway County. The Circleville Probation Department will begin distributing these free vouchers to any family members worried about the risk of an overdose of a loved one. Anyone who receives the voucher and redeems the Narcan prescription will be taught how to administer the dose as well as be provided other treatment options. Any Pickaway County resident concerned about a loved one battling Opiate addiction are encouraged to contact the probation department or the Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition.