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Legendary Wrestler Bobby “Fantastic” Fulton Gives Anti-Drug Speech to Children


CIRCLEVILLE – Bobby Fulton is a legendary wrestler and famous local person.  Born in Chillicothe Ohio, Fulton has spent a life-long career in wrestling for different organizations including WWWF, WCCW, WWF, and NWA.  Currently, part of Big Time Wrestling Fulton is on a personal tour called “Fantastic Finale” and has claimed that the final match will be May 26th, 2018!

Fulton before every match he asks all the children to come to the ring, and he gives them a special message.  He says “If you have a dream you can make it, just like I have.  There is a drug problem in our country, everyone in this building has had someone in their lives who struggles or has struggled with drugs.  Drugs will lead you down the wrong road, I’ve seen friends of mine in this business die early deaths because of drug use.” Fulton then asks all the children to raise their right hands and says, “I want you to pledge with me,  I promise never to try drugs, I will stay and be drug-free.”

The Pickaway County Kids, Hayden Shadwick and Izeyah Teets presented him with an award of honor for his work against drugs and his amazing career. Niki Crosby a wrestling fan said, “I have attended wrestling for a couple of months with my son Hayden Shadwick and friends.  When Bobby has all the kids come up and talk about how important it was not to do drugs, it’s inspirational to me.  He is a great wrestling a legend and him doing that for the kids, really drew me in. Now my son and I can’t wait for the next match; my son talks about him from the time we drive there and all way home of how good Bobby’s Fulton show was!”

Fulton claims in his video, ” I have lost a lot of personal wrestling friends to drugs, untimely deaths because of poor decisions to abuse drugs. Drugs were not prevalent in my hometown of Chillicothe Ohio when I was young. Major drugs were in big cities; now drugs are everywhere. It’s important to get to the kids that are 15 and younger that’s why I do it.”