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Landlord Nightmares Chillicothe Edition


CHILLICOTHE – A local landlord was asked to tell one if his craziest stories, and its a good one.  This happened in Chillicothe in the summer time, being a landlord has its challenges I guess.
After we won the eviction and set-out, we were shocked to see just at how much they had trashed the property after the negotiation period. Multiple dogs locked upstairs, floors were destroyed, pet urine, fleas, etc. It was pretty bad but something we could deal with.

The tenants had the electric shut off shortly after we won the eviction. About a week after the set-out and initial cleanup, I went back in to check on a few things. I noticed there was an extension cord in an outlet. I quickly realized this was odd because we had taken literally everything in the house out. The extension cord (One of the bright orange ones) continued into the yard. I started tugging on it and found out that the neighbors, who incidentally were in a known drug house, had dug a trench in which the extension cord was buried. I pulled on the cord till it came out, wrapped it up and threw it over the fence of their back porch. I knocked on a window and said “Please don’t steal electricity from me”. 😡

A few seconds later a shirtless guy came flying out of the house, screaming and yelling at me, asking why I shut his power off. 😱

I told him because he was illegally stealing power from me. He yelled and screamed some more, then asked me what I would do if someone came by and broke every single window out on my new house… I told him that I had insurance on it, and that’s what I’d do. He continued to throw a fit and then made a statement about wanting to stab me and gut me like a pig. 😱 Eventually he went back in the house.

I was kind of shaken up by it, but went back in my house, realizing after a while that 100% of the electricity was on in the house, even though it was supposed to be shut off. After inspection I found out the neighbor not only had installed the extension cord, but broken into the electric meter and re-wired it for ‘free’ electricity.

Since then I’ve been working with the police to get the neighbor situation resolved. It’s been slow but I’ve made some, but not a ton of progress.

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