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Lancaster OH- The Lancaster Police Department Got New Cruisers


Lancaster OH- The Lancaster Police Department
announced on social media that they have received their new cruisers. “We finally received three cruisers that we ordered in January of 2019! Each vehicle was $31,900.00 before any of the internal equipment. The computer, cage, lights, siren, gun locks etc. total approximately $9,000 per vehicle installed. We currently in source the installation, but the city is going to lose that ability this year.

The patrol division puts between 22,000 and 30,000 miles per year on a cruiser. That is almost all in town, short trip driving, often in alleys and areas where the roads are not especially smooth. We can stretch cruiser life to four years, but the cost to keep them road worthy balanced with the fact that we need a vehicle while they are in the shop, really ends their useful life there. Our cars have to be in condition for emergency, all weather hazards driving. Though the vehicle still has a lot of life left for a “work car” or commuter it’s not a vehicle I would want the officer responding to my emergency to have to rely on.

We’re very excited to get them and hope that you see them on the street soon! Thanks Lancaster!”