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Lancaster OH- Lancaster City Schools Have a Bus Driver Shortage


Lancaster OH- Scioto Post was recently contacted by parents who have children attending Lancaster City Schools, that ride the bus.

These parents are concerned by the inconsistencies in the school bus arrivals and drop offs. One parent said, the bus is late more often than not and another told us that the bus is generally overcrowded.

We’ve reached out to Lancaster City Schools concerning the issues and received the following statement from Steve Wigton, the superintendent of Lancaster City Schools.

The following statement can be attributed directly to Steve Wigton, Superintendent, Lancaster City Schools:

“Bottom line, we have a shortage of bus drivers, an issue facing districts all over the state of Ohio. While the challenge seems simple enough, the situation is more complex to solve. This year, our drivers have been hit hard with extended injuries and illnesses. While we have substitute drivers at the ready, when there are more call offs than substitutes, we face a shortage. This forces us to consolidate routes to ensure we can get every child home safely, and that causes delays. We have an ongoing job posting for bus drivers, so we welcome and encourage anyone who is interested and eligible to apply.”

This statement follows the announcement about the opening of the new Thomas Ewing Junior High School where the school also put parents on notice of possible bus delays.