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Jupiter can be Seen With the Naked Eye in the Month of June


USA – Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system will be in full view to see this month.

According to NASA, the large gas planet known for its swirling cloud will be visible this month because it is almost directly opposite of the sun in the sky. This comes as a time when Jupiter is closes to the earth in its rotation around the sun making brighter, larger, and viewable to the naked eye!

Jupiter will be best viewable on June 10th, this is when the sun earth and the gas planet almost align and give the most light into the planet.

More on Jupiter and whats going on this month visit Nasa here


  1. Um, Jupiter is visible to the naked eye all the time, except during the bit of the year when it’s on the opposite side of the sun from us. It’s still just going to look like a bright star to the naked eye… you won’t see stripes unless you have a telescope. You can also see the four largest moons of Jupiter if you look at it with binoculars. (That’s true all the time too, not just this month.)

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