Home News Jimmy Johns Circleville Reopens Under New Franchise Ownership

Jimmy Johns Circleville Reopens Under New Franchise Ownership


CIRCLEVILLE – Local Jimmy Johns has reopened under new management after the last owner sold part of his franchise.

According to new general manager Valerie Gould Jimmy Johns reopened two weeks after the store closed during the transition. The new franchise owner currently owns five locations, Lancaster, Health, Newark, Zaneville, and now Circleville.

Gould said that during Dewine’s Stay-at-Home order they still will be operating limited hours with drive thru and delivery options still available, but plan to open to regular hours after the orders have lifted.

“We are continuously cleaning surfaces at the location during operations, we are making sure all the employees are healthy before they start the shift, orders are going out through the drive thru window, we are walking them out the front door, or we are delivering. Delivery is handled they way the customer wants, we take orders online and if they pay online we sometimes drop them at the door so no interaction with the drivers has to be done.”

Jimmy Johns said that they have retained some of the employees from the transition, but are looking for sub makers and delivery drivers, and supervisors hiring immediately.

Jimmy Johns is offering a free bag of chips with order until April 5 if you use Freaky Fast Rewards