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Indian Township Locks Down Reservation to “Residence of Indian Township Only” Due to COVID-19


INDIAN TOWNSHIP, ME – The Passamaquoddy Indian Township Native Americans are closing down the reservations not allowing anyone who isn’t a, “residence of Indian Township.”

According to a press release starting April, 8, 2020 at 6 am security check points will be started at three locations in the community. Dana Point Road, Wolf Ave, and Hawk Lane.

“It’s important four our community member to be cooperative courteous, and respectful when stopping at the entrances. Security officers will only be making sure, upon you stopping, that no non-residentsare in your vehicles. Rolling down your passenger side windows, would be suitable for them to identify who is with you, and move you along. If oy have anyone who is not a “resident of Indian Township Reservation” in your vehicle, you will be asked to pull over to the side of the road, and wait for Law Enforcement (Police Officer) to come to the location, or you can exercise your own option to turn around and take the individual off the reservation yourself,” said said Tribal Chief William Nicholas Sr.

Nicholas continued with,” with the continued rise in Coronavirus/Covid-19 cases across the state it is important for us to thank extreme measures to protect our elders, youth, and those who are the most vulnerable to catching this virus. Our elders are the history carriers, language speakers, cultural and traditional teachers. Its our responsibility to protect hem at all costs, no questions asked. The children are our our future, and Passamaquoddy history should be explained to them, so they understand the importance of the measures taken.”

It was explained that definition of a resident would be all Passamaquoddy Tribal members living on Indian Township Reservation. This will include any Passamaquoddy Tribal Members who are not Reservation Residents, with the mandate that they must check in with the Police Department and get written permission to go to the locations requested. This requirement to check in for a pass, is not an option for Non-Tribal members or significant other, they will not be able to bring in a non-tribal member.

The Chief says that a violation would be considered a class C crime under Maine adopted Motor vehicle Laws.