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Hummingbirds Nests Are Made from Spider Webs


OHIO – The hummingbirds are back from their long migrations from the south in most parts of Ohio. Now that they are back, its time for mating season and egg nesting. Did you know that Hummingbirds make their tiny nests out of spider webbing and other materials?

Spider Webbing is one of the foundations to keeping a hummingbird nest intact. These tiny nests, about the size of a quarter are made from lichens, plant down and other soft material mixed with spiderweb to form the nests. The cobwebs allow for elasticity and permit the cup to expand to accommodate rapidly growing nestlings. A dense coat of lichens shingle the nest’s exterior and help it to blend in with the branch that it is saddled to.

Nests are made by the female of the species, the female lays about two eggs that are about a half a inch long each. After hatching the baby birds grow rapidly. Baby hummingbirds will not leave the nest until they can fully fly unlike other birds.