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Hostage Situation in Scioto Township Involved Baby


SCIOTO TOWNSHIP – Two people are in custody after a 6 hour standoff against authorities that involved a minor child. Specialty police from Columbus Task Force that specializes in hostage and sensitive situations came in around 7 pm. Swat along with Ohio State Highway Patrol and Sheriffs were also on scene.

Daniel Groves have a history in the area, and recently was charged with grand theft, receiving stolen property and obstructing official business in February of 2019.

What seems to be a custody situation with the state and the couple with their minor child younger than the age of 1 year has caused this situation.

Jessica Groves is currently in custody for complicity to abduction, complicity to kidnapping, and complicity to interference with custody.

Her Husband Daniel Groves is currently being questioned by law enforcement, and I will update with charges pending for him.

Update 1: Daniel Groves has now been charged with similar charges as his wife Jessica Groves.  Charges of Abduction, Kidnapping, Interference with Custody and Grand Theft.