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Hemp and Hemp Product Bill Passed by Senate


OHIO – This past week Senate passed a bill that would legalize the use of hemp and CBD hemp oils for industrial use in the state.


The bill would allow hemp cultivation as long as it contained less that .03% THC making it mostly free of drug active ingredients.  This bill piggybacks after a 2018 reclassification of the farm bill that classifies hemp as a product not a drug.

Ohio State Highway recently seized 55 barrels of CBD oil.

The bill passed unanimously through the house and is supported by farmers and retailers saying it will bring more job to Ohio.

Hemp can be used for a variety of purposes

    • Hemp can be used in human food
    • Pet food and beddings
    • Body oils and lotions
    • Oil based products
    • Clothing
    • Paper
    • Rope
    • Plastics
    • CBD Oils
    • Fuel

Bill will now move to house for vote..


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