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Head on Collision on 23 sends 5 to Hospital


PICKAWAY – An Accident occurred yesterday May 23 around 5:15 pm.  The 2009 Land Rover was traveling southbound on 23, and the silver Honda Fit was traveling northbound and was turning into Goodchild Service road beside taco bell when the two vehicles struck head-on at a high rate of speed.  According to Pickaway County Sheriffs on the scene, “They have conflicting reports from witnesses, two witnesses say the Land Rover ran the red light striking the Fit, and two witnesses say that the Land Rover drove through the yellow light and the Fit did not give right of way.”

At the time of this report, officers still have the accident under investigation.  Officers said that they would be able to determine who was at fault with the measurements of the skid marks, the pizza cottage vehicle GPS, and other witnesses that gave contact info but did not stay on scene.  We will update this story with those results when they become available.

A family of four people were injured in the 2009 Land Cruiser two adults and two children, and one individual operated the Honda Fit.  All five people were transported to Berger with minor injuries.  Pickaway County Fire/EMS, Harrison EMS, and Pickaway County Sheriff were on the scene.


  1. Iv’e almost been in an accident with the pizza cotrage car. About ran me off the road on 23 when they pulled out right in front of me

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