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Harrison Township Cemetery Installs New Type of Burial


Harrison Township – Harrison Township located at 856 Cox Rd welcomes in a new type of burial to its cemetery, and it may be a one of a kind.

A new way to bury a loved one is sweeping the nation and has original ties to Asian Countries like China and Japan. Called a Columbarium it holds niches to store ashes.  Each Pane is an engravable headstone. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in cremation, and it’s a cost-effective burial. This type of burial gives people another option,” said Sexton Darryl Ward.

Ward said that according to his records one in three people are requesting cremations over the last few years, and this gives them a different option than standard burial for ashes, plus its unique and cost effective.

You spend a minimum of 3,000 dollars on a regular plot or headstone, and you are only allowed two urns with ashes according to code.  “With this this option it costs 1,000 total for locals. This type of burial is seen all over the world, and now they are becoming more popular across the United States. That cost includes engravements on the outside “pane” of the niche. Each Niche can contain up to two peoples ashes, for loved ones to be buried together.” 

Ward said that this type of burial will also help support the cemetery for years to come plus save space for traditional burials. “The Harrison Township is self funded, theres not levy, or bonds, so we maintain the location by the sales of these plots, and that saves tax payers from having to upkeep the location. This in the future when the regular lots are full will give the cemetery a option to collect monies to keep the cemetery from a tax.”

The monument cost 36,000 dollars and has eighty niches it was purchased through Wellmans in Circleville and shipped from China. Ward said that he was able to put some custom touches by added custom pillars to the Columbarium to make it unique. It was installed January 21st after waiting six months for it to be built and sent from China.

To find out more information on this call the Harrison Township Cemetery at 740-983-3601 from the hours of 7 am to 3:30 pm.