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Granddaughter Donates Grandfathers Love of Trains to the 106


CIRCLEVILLE – “My dad had a huge love of trains, and even though he passed away in 1999, he never met his granddaughter although they share the same interest. 3-year-old Olivia has always loved trains, “She says mommy look a train or says listen I hear a train and gets excited to see it,”

“My Dad, Charles Daniels or nickname Pete, had a great love for trains. He grew up across the river from a train track along a river in Kentucky and enjoyed hearing the train pass. He made a few carvings of trains in his lifetime one of the 106 Locomotive. I only have a few things that were my dads, His wallet and 2 carvings of trains well now one. A rocking chair that was his when he was little, but that’s all, said Daniels.

Fran said, “I’ve been looking for a museum or something to take one of his carvings since he passed because I think he would have appreciated it, I feel like others should enjoy his work and appreciate his love for trains. I waited because other locations didn’t feel right. When I saw that the 106 was getting a new home, then it felt right in my heart to part with his carving.  His carving of the 106 should be with that Locomotive.  I will miss seeing that train because it made me think of my dad and how much I miss him, said Daniels.

The Allentown and Auburn Railroad were donated the carving on March 13.  They were ecstatic to see such a wonderful piece of art.  “We will make sure this is on display so many people can see your dads work, said Allentown and Auburn.

The Allentown and Auburn Railroad took possession of the Strum and Dillard 106 Locomotive that has sat on the fairgrounds since 1976, on March 13, 2018.  The 106 worked the rock quarries off-Island road in Circleville, it went into service in 1920 and was donated to the Fairgrounds in 1976.  It will travel to Pennsylvania where it will be refurbished and serve as an attraction in their business.



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