Home News Governor Dewine Says Vaccine Shortage Relief to Start Mid February

Governor Dewine Says Vaccine Shortage Relief to Start Mid February


OHIO – Over the last month Governor Dewine has rolled out a plan to get the most susceptible and front line workers vaccinated from COVID-19 but that has come at a challenge.

This week all Ohioans 65 + are eligible to receive the vaccination but, people from weeks prior are still in que. Pickaway county has only vaccinated 7.39% of the population according to the state. A total of 4,319 people have started vaccination process and only 600 have completed the two dose system.

Gov. Dewine says that Pfizer tells us that they’ll be able to increase the amount of vaccine available for federal shipment by about 40% around the middle of Feb.

This should mean that Ohio’s doses should increase by this much around the same time. Also, Pfizer tells us that at least by the end of March, vaccine shipments to Ohio should double compared to where we are today. They are currently shipping 73,000 doses to Ohio each week.

Moderna doses have increased from 73,200 two weeks ago to 105,600 coming to Ohio next week. We believe Moderna vaccine shipments will expand as well.

Dewines programs are listed below

As of 3:00 p.m. today, Monday, February 8, 2021 there is a total of 799,445 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ohio and 10,384 deaths. Currently, there are 7,109 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Pickaway County, 2,622 being inmates, leaving 4,487 local residents who have tested positive. There are 768 active local resident cases with 5 hospitalized. There are a total of 80 deaths, 37 being inmates and 43 community deaths.