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GOV. Dewine Announces Government Freezes Updates Stay-At-Home Order


OHIO – Dewine said that in a news conference that closures are not a suggestion but a order, they will enforce if necessary but do not want to charge people.

Order here: http://www.sciotopost.com/dewine-stay-home-order-documents/

Today Dewine ordered a immediate hiring freeze in Government, and a freeze on new contact services. Dewine is asking the departments to make cuts up to 20% of spending, we have pulled back requests on plans of spending in the government today.

“Stay at home, only leave for essential things, you can still go to get pick up food, get medicines, go to the park. If you do not fall under essential services you will have to close at 11:59 tonight,” said Dewine.

“We are very limited at our testing kits as I’ve said as before. We are working to get more testing immediately. We have six deaths and we are investing a few more deaths to confirm, said Amy Action, “We now know that some of our greatest spread is from nursing homes and hospitals. We are working on creating bed space and hospital floors right now. The tool chest we have right now is keeping social distance to minimize spread.”

Lt Gov Husted said that if they are an essential business, “they have to go by the safe and healthy work environment structured by the health department. The companies must make a safe work environment or they will face penalties.”

Child custody parents should work in the best interest of the child, if something needs resolved local courts are still open, according to Dewine.

Negative testings reporting stopped last week and according to Amy Action that information is not being shared with private sectors at this time and they are working to get those numbers because they would be helpful.

Action was asked about situations with single families where mom or dad were a essential worker and how that family would have to cope being on the front lines.

“We need everyone to take at their situation and make the decisions that are best for their situation. If people are essential workers they need to figure out whats best for them and their families,” said Amy Action.

Dewine was asked when the timeline for the Stay-at-home order would be removed. Dewine said that they do not want to have these stay-at-home orders longer than when they are necessary.

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