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Girl Celebrates Loss of Farm Goat with Candy at Pickaway County Fair


CIRCLEVILLE – There’s an almost empty cage at the Pickaway County fair this year and its because of a loss.

Addison Edgington posted a sign today on a cage that was reserved for her and her animal that reads, “In Memory of Nitro.” and Inside the enclosure is a stuffed animal with some bedding that she’s placed inside for memory of her market goat that she lost in April.

Addisons Mother says its been hard on her since her two other siblings were able to bring goats to the fair. Its a yearly tradition for the Edgington family to raise and show animals at the county fair.

“People might say it’s just an animal and it was going to market anyways, said Mom Megan Edgington, but what people don’t understand even though it’s just a “farm animal” the kids put time and effort into these projects and form a strong bond between themselves and those animals. Even though this is a sad situation, my daughter will bend with the wind and grow from it.”

And grow is what Addison did, on Nitro’s cage she’s put up a bucket that’s filled with candy that says, “In Memory of Nitro, please take a piece of candy to remember Him.”

So please when you are at the fair this week and happen to be in the goat section and you see a small stuffed animal in a cage all by itself, take a piece of candy and remember Nitro.