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Gas Prices Will Most Likely Go Up in 2021, According to Industry Experts


US – Gas prices hit a all time low due to the shutdowns that started in March, stopping travel and leaving people at home, barrels of oil hit rock bottom prices and we saw gasoline at less that .99 a gallon, now experts say that we will trend up in 2021 even to possibly 3 dollars a gallon.

With COVID-19 Vaccine in sight things are looking better in 2021 but according to Gasbuddy.com a national travel and gas monitoring site predicts that price per gallon will spike to 3 dollars a gallon by 2021.

“While Americans are nearly guaranteed to see higher gas prices in 2021, it’s not all bad news. Average prices are still likely to be quite affordable, but some distinct and unpredictable changes in the COVID-19 pandemic may leave their wallets a bit more empty this year,” said De Haan. “However, I’m very optimistic that we’ll see improvement in the pandemic and see gas prices stay far under their previous records, leading Americans to perhaps turn to the nation’s highways to seek happiness after a year of stress and challenges, slamming the door on what was an awful 2020.” 

Experts say that some of that price increase will be national recovery from the pandemic, some say that President-elect Biden will soon assume the White House, and with it, the nation may see a large change in policy towards the oil industry and petroleum use,” GasBuddy said in the fuel report.

Gasbuddy experts say that the modest increase will stabilize though keeping steady at a high 2.50-3 dollars a gallon throughout 2021.