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Gas Prices on the Incline , Fill up Soon


OHIO – A forecast done by the AAA Fuel Gauge Survey said that gas prices were predicted to continue a downward trend in December and early 2020, but pressures in the Middle East with possible war with Iran prices are on the incline.

The national average from the Survey says that the average price fo gas in the US right now is 2.58 a gallon. According to Gasbuddy.com the average price in Circleville is 2.56 per gallon today January 6, 2020. This is a increase of .33 cents more from last years sales.

What has people more concerned is the price of oil per barrel selling this week for 70 dollars, up from last week at the lower 50s.

Still this isn’t too much concern yet but Oil at a two year high will drive prices up for sure, so fill up soon for cheaper.