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Gas Price in Circleville at Three Week Low


CIRCLEVILLE – For the third week in a row gas prices have dropped after the threat of war in the middle east.

After the missile attack in Iran gas prices were suspected to go up, and for a very short time they did. What we saw afterwards is the price of gas drop into areas we haven’t seen in a year.

Local Circleville area gas is at a low of 2.29 at the BP at 2512 US 22 dropping almost ten cents since last week, and twenty seven cents from two weeks ago.

This isn’t the lowest in Ohio though with gas at 1.66 per gallon at 101 West High Street in Oxford Ohio just outside Cincinnati according to gasbuddy.com.

“Hit the road, America! It will be another year where gasoline prices will be relatively affordable- but don’t close your eyes- the price variation between stations and states will approach record levels. Never has there been a bigger opportunity to spend less, or to spend more, if you aren’t checking prices before filling up,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis. “In addition, motorists should be feel some comfort that for a sixth straight year, gasoline prices will start with a “2” in most areas amidst a robust economy, with thanks to U.S. oil producers for matching our increasing appetite for affordable energy, which also helps to act as insulation against unpredictable events including production cuts from other nations to keep oil prices from spiraling out of control.”

Whats the gas price in your area?