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Food Loyalties Keeps Local Pickaway Restaurants Open


PICKAWAY – For some restaurant owners in Pickaway County the decision to stay open has been a difficult one, trying to decide if carry out and delivery would be heavy enough to sustain the company vs shuttering and trying to wait out the storm.

For some companies they have been pleasantly surprised by the loyalties of their customers.

Frank D’Aiello owner of the Thirsty Parrot said Friday night was a busy night with a que line of cars running down the street front of the establishment waiting for one of the best burgers in town and one of their signature specialties Bourbon Chicken.

The Thirsty Parrot posted on their facebook site recently, “Wow what a great week! We are so humbled by the amount of support our community has given our small businesses! Just from what we can see it’s so awesome! We are so happy we have been able to still cook ya dinner! We are still trying to adjust to our “new” normal for now ! All of our customers have been so awesome and we can’t thank you all enough for the support!”

A similar effect is happening in Ashville with the Ashville Distillery and Grill on Friday April 3 the restaurant offered a fish fry special Perch, white bread fries and coleslaw that offer was posted on 3 pm, and four hours later they ran out of fish.

Watt Street Tavern adapted to the Coronavirus as soon as Dewine’s Orders rolled out by created a delivery option for all of Circleville. “We will delivery to all of Circleville and some outside of it,” said the management of Watt Street, “this is a way to keep our employees working and to help feed people who are stuck inside.”

Richie’s from Richie’s New York Deli was called but was too busy to comment.