Home News “Fog Like” Rain May Have Caused Single Car Accident Early Last Night

“Fog Like” Rain May Have Caused Single Car Accident Early Last Night


PICKAWAY – Pickaway County Sheriff is investigating a single car accident that happened on Tarlton Road last night around 7:15pm.

According to Pickaway County Sheriff the driver the Toyota Camry left the roadway on the right side at the bend in Tarlton rd traveled about 200 feet then struck a telephone pole.  The car then spun in a 360 all air bags deployed and then the vehicle traveled another 200 feet until entered a small ditch filled with water.


tire tracks show where car left roadway
Car hit telephone pole spun 360 lost a rim/tire and all air bags were deployed
car came to rest in a water filled ditch beside farm field partially submerged in water.

Two out of the three people in the car were injured, the driver and passenger were transferred by ambulance to Berger hospital complaining of head and neck injuries.

Pickaway County Sheriff said all people in the car were wearing seatbelts, and intoxication was not a factor in the crash.  Sheriff did suggest that the fog like rain, and slippery weather conditions may have been a factor in the crash but is still under investigation at this time.


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