Home News First Super-moon of 2020 Appears Second Week of March

First Super-moon of 2020 Appears Second Week of March

Photo from Spencer Travis, a locally shot photo of last supermoon

OHIO – The first Supermoon is about a week away with a March 9, this moon nicknamed the “Full Worm Moon.”

The name “Full Worm, Moon” comes from the time of the year when the ground starts to soften and earthworm casts to reappear giving robins a new feed for the season. The moon also symbolizes that spring is in the air and nature is awaking from is wintery sleep.

Other names for the moon are the “Full Sap Moon” because of the season of Maple syrup. Ohio has several festivals in March around maple syrup. Find them here:

The Supermoon in March will not be the biggest of the year, but the second closest to the Earth of this year’s super moons, according to earthsky.org.

The biggest will be in April when the moon is closest to the Earth in 2020. Here are the distances between the centers of the Earth and the moon for the three upcoming full moon supermoons:

  • Full moon on March 9, 2020: 222,081 miles (357,404 km)
  • Full moon on April 8, 2020: 221,851 miles (357,034 km)
  • Full moon on May 7, 2020: 224,429 miles  (361,184 km)

Supermoons are called “Super” because they are when the moon is the closest distance from the earth. Any moon dubbed “super” is within the 10% closest to the earth or within 224,865 miles. If you are a moon and star gazer these moons are usually the brightest and of course the largest in the sky to enjoy.