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Festivals Frustrated with Governors Promise to Release Guidelines


OHIO – On February 25, 2021, Governor Dewine made a statement that we would have Festivals with guidance from the Ohio Health Department, since then he’s repeated that message but no guidance has been given.

Several festivals in the area have already canceled due to this, “wait” and see. Geauga festival the first fair of the season (April) was not approved by the city in March citing Health rules and awaiting guidelines from Dewine.

“State Health orders re-opening festivals and gatherings have not yet been released and we are not able to proceed under fair guidelines. While things may open up in the near future there is no longer enough time for us to plan for The Maple Festival. That said, we will be canceling The Maple Festival for the 2021 season,” said the festival on social media.

Pike county Dogwood festival Second festival cancelled early in the year citing health orders, and too late in the season to prepare.

Vinton’s County Wild Turkey festival held in May is currently in a holding pattern and said this on social media, “Over one month ago we were given assurance that our state’s Governor would “soon” announce revised health guidelines that would permit community festivals to be held in 2021. That assurance was repeated weekly–look for the guidelines “next week”. But today, on the first Saturday in April, we find another week has come an gone with no revised guidelines for the safe, legal operation of festivals.”

The festival says that they are currently frustrated because, “we can’t say with 100% certainty that we will be permitted to have the festival. The frustration comes mostly on behalf of the entertainers, amusement ride company, food concessionaires, businesses and organizations who exhibit–all of them are holding our festival dates while possibly turning down other opportunities. And we’re frustrated for the local families who are looking forward to the festival and all it will bring–from the Queen Pageant to the Parade to the Baby Contest.”

What can be done? Currently these festivals are awaiting Governor orders that were promised over a month ago.

Several other Festivals are remaining hopeful of released guidance, Moonshine festival that happens in late May has posted that they are moving forward and planning. While others like Deercreek Dam days has cancelled already saying that guidance wasn’t quick enough to proper plan for the event.