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Feast of Flowering Moon Festival in a “Wait and See” Mode Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


CHILLICOTHE – One of Chillicothe’s most well known events The Feast of the Flowering Moon, that celebrates the Native American Culture says that they are in a waiting circle for more news on COVID-19 to see what they do next.

The event occurs on the weekend of May 22-24 in Historic Downtown Chillicothe. Gov. Dewine has just extended Stay-at-home orders that have canceled other yearly festivals until May 1.

According to a facebook post on the festivals website, “We are continuing to monitor the information from CDC, Governor Dewine, and many other reputable sources relating to the COVID-19 crisis. We are currently in a “wait & see” mode to see how the situation continues to develop and if it’ll impact this year’s festival. Please continue to follow our page and website for details.”

Recently the group performed a healing dance for people impacted by COVID-19