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Everyone is Asking, What is This Thing?


CIRCLEVILLE – Located at 905 North Court Street in Forest Cemetery, a new trending way to handle death has popped up in Circleville.

since last year the cemetery has added stones around the base

Called a Columbarium it holds 72 nitches to store ashes.  Each Pane is an engravable headstone. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in cremation, and it’s a cost-effective burial. This type of burial gives people another option,” said Jeff Wosious manager and caretaker of Forest Cemetery.

a stone walkway with new trees has been added

You can spend up to thirteen thousand on a regular plot or headstone making it pretty expensive, and you are only allowed two urns with ashes according to code.  “With this this option it costs 1,500 total. This type of burial is seen all over the world, and now they are becoming more popular across the United States,” said Wosious.

Wosious told us that his wasn’t completely finished last year during a interview that you can look forward to nice groundwork, trees in a peaceful setting, benches are planned for people to sit for a while and spend time with a lost one.  Recently the Columbarium received its first burial, Theresa Frazier June 8 1957 – Jan 31 2011.

An interesting thing I found out about Forest Cemetery is that they are a non-profit 5013c.  The business employs only three employees taking care of the entire graveyard.  They have plans in the future to increase the fencing and more landscaping as the budget allows.