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More Everts Discussions on Tuesday Night in Council


CIRLCEVILLE – Circleville City Council will have a Committee of the whole meeting on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 to discuss updates from the Administration on Everts Middle School building.

The Everts building has been a topic of Circleville Council for years, and most of the discussion have involved Arts Around and Pickaway Arts and Life center. At the beginning of 2019 Councilman Tom Spring brought Everts up again with challenges of finally trying to find a solution to the buildings dormant state. After articles from Circleville Herald and Sciotopost informed the public of Councils need to find ownership of the building five groups approached the City with interest.

Two of those entities Bialy Corp and Crossroads church said they would work together to get the location up and running.  Bialy said that with their experience in renovating older buildings in the area that no job was to big for them and they could handle this renovation.  Bialy also said that they would do this job at no profit that this, “was a different project than they have done before.  This is giving back to the community.”  Crossroads said that they would be the end result in the building expanding their school into it. “We have outgrown our facility, we are currently in expansion mode. Thats what we want the entire 122,000 square feet of space, said Dan Coy Senior Pastor Crossroads Church.