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Eagles Rebound in Ohio, Off the Endangered Lists


OHIO – In 1979, only four breeding pairs of bald eagles were reported in Ohio, according to officials with the state’s Department of Natural Resources. In 2019 a nesting survey showed approximately 346 Eagle nests are within the state of Ohio, what changed?

Several different factors contributed to the decline and almost extinction of the Ohio Bald Eagle and most of it was the use of a pesticide called DDT. DDT, Habitat destruction, illegal shooting and contamination of its food source were the top factors according to Ohio game and wildlife.

The Endangered Species act banned the use of DDT and conservation actions taken by the public has rebounded the Eagle Population since the late 70’s.

According to Wildlife statistics since the banning of DDT and more resources around protecting of nesting sites Eagles have soared. In 2013 to 2017 population was more than just stabilized but a 5% increase was seen, and in the last two years that increase has risen to a unprecedented 20 to 30%.

IN 2019 the same nesting survey as reported from above said that bald eagle pairs have produced a estimated 445 young eagles in one year alone.

Eagles nest around waterways as fish is one of the main food sources for Eagles. We have had reports of Eagles all along the Scioto river in Pickaway County and in local parks like Deer creek and Hargus. So the next time you look up and see a bird of prey look closer it may be a young eagle not a hawk.