Home News Dewine Says That Local Authorities Will Enforce Stay-At-Home Order

Dewine Says That Local Authorities Will Enforce Stay-At-Home Order


OHIO – Dewine says that hes not expected that they will see a large number of citations or arrest from the stay-at-home order buy expects companies and people to abide by it.

Dewine said that in a news conference that closures are not a suggestion but a order, they will enforce if necessary but do not want to charge people.

Order here: http://www.sciotopost.com/dewine-stay-home-order-documents/

The order does give exemptions for people to go outside and walk, even go to the park as long as social distancing of 6 feet is followed. Dewine closed playgrounds at the parks but not the parks.

Businesses that we’re defined as essential businesses also have to adhere to a strict guideline on cleanliness and maintaining social distances between workers.

Dewine said during the news conference today that he expects local police or health officials to talk to people who are in violation give them a warning, and after that expect local officials to react if violations happened again.

Dewine says the order will come down immediately when they believe it is safe, “We would not have issued this fi ti was not a matter of life and death.”

According to Ohio Revised Code 3701.352, 3701.81 and 3701.99, violating an order of the health director or knowingly exposing others to a contagion is a misdemeanor of the second degree.