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Dewine Says Daycare Not Ready to Open Yet


OHIO – Dewine says that he’s not ready to give the green light to daycare yet.

On Tuesday a majority of the states economy will reopen, salons, retail, and factories deemed non essential will be allowed to open under guidelines. The question is where will the kids go without daycare?

A local employee (a single mom) that asked to stay confidential said, “I dont know what I am going to to do, I started my work around elementary school schedule now I’m asked to return to work and I don’t have a good option for childcare. My parents can do it for now but, they have to work also.”

Dewine said during a press conference today, “we will not be making an announcement today. We’re still working on it. It’s very important that we get this right. We don’t want to announce a date until we have the protocols in place. We’re focusing on the safety of the kids, their families, and the employees.The mistakes I’ve made in my career have come about when I haven’t had all the facts or didn’t dig deep enough — so this process is continuing. Reopening childcare centers is simply too important to do so without all the best information and protocols in place.”

The local employee says she may have to try to stay on unemployment until she either gets kicked off, it runs out, or they open daycare for her children.