Home News Dewine, “What We DO Now Will Determine How Many Will Die.”

Dewine, “What We DO Now Will Determine How Many Will Die.”


OHIO – “This virus, this infiltrator continues to spread throughout Ohio, at this time it is widespread. What we do and what we do not do will determine how many Ohioans will die at this time. We have in our hands now how far and fast this will spread,” said Gov. Dewine. Dewine is talking about social distancing and “flattening the curve” minimizing social interactions to stop the spread of the virus.  More on flattening the curve here: http://www.sciotopost.com/flattening-curve-closures-quarantines-save-lives/

“We must act like we have been invaded by the enemy, this enemy cannot advance without our help.” Dewine said that he has received emails from bars being open and people being in social interactions. Dewine says that needs to stop now in order to stop the spread. Dewine reported that people don’t know they have it, so we need to assume everyone has it.

Dewine ordered today March 21, 2020, closures of adult daycares, these are people who are developmentally delayed. “We are working to encourage providers to give services at homes.”

Dr. Amy Action Director of Ohio Department of Health said that testing has been limited because they have limited testing available, so they have only been testing people in certain criteria.

Dr. Amy Action Director of Ohio Department of Health said, “we are conserving our testing for the frontline people only, because we are running out of testing agent. We have now 247 confirmed a snapshot on whats going on,  three confirmed deaths, 33 counties  impacted, we have nursing homes that are infected. We have to take the advice of the models. We will benefit most, others did not have the opportunity we have had. Vulnerable people are at most risk, these are hard choices. This is a health emergency. This is time to batten down the hatches and stay at home.”

The Governor says that businesses will be affected and employees will be affected by these decisions.

According to national data people that are 55 years or older and people who have preexisting conditions are the most effective.

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