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Dewine Closes Movie Theaters, Bowling Alleys, Any Gatherings Less than 50, Extends Voting

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OHIO – “Facts have changed as this has developed, we are trying to use science to make the best judgements.”

Dewine said Groceries and Medicine will remain open.

Dewine says he is closing movie theaters, Bowling alleys, Gyms, Indoor water parks, trampoline parks, and minimizing gatherings of people to 50 people or less.

“People 65 years and older should not leave their homes, people who have medical compromises should not leave their homes because these people are most at risk,” said Dewine.

“Voting does not confirm with CDC, We should not make people make this choice to constitutionally vote or not based on health. It is my recommendation that voting be extended to June 2nd, 2020. Between now and then absentee voting should extend. This was not a decision that was easily made, but I believe this it the right thing to do. I do not have the power to extend an election.”

Dewine says that they will file a lawsuit against this in court today. “It is not fair to subject people to unknown possible carriers to poll workers.”

Currently there are 50 people tested positive for COVID-19 20 women and 30 men. 14 of those people are hospitalized. age ranges from 14 to 86.

High risk groups are 65 and older you shouldn’t be out unless its essential only.

High risk people with immunity issues, high blood pressure, people with pregnancy. Anyone who has a preexisting condition.