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Dewine Announces Biggest PPE Distribution in Ohio History


OHIO – Gov. Dewine announced today April, 29, 2020 that they will be distributing   4.1 million pieces of PPE to EMA’s across Ohio.

“When this crisis began, I told you that we were going to do everything we could to ensure that those on the front line of this crisis have the #PPE they need. I am happy to report that last week the state of #Ohio shipped 4.1 million pieces of PPE to local EMAs across Ohio,” said Dewine.

Dewine said this wasn’t the first shipment but the biggest ever in Ohio. This PPE will be distributed to EMA that will distribute to nursing homes, jails, congregate living facilities, hospitals, first responders.

The shipment includes:

  •  500,000 N95 masks
  • 850,000 face shields
  • 750,000 surgical-type masks
  • 2 million non-medical gloves

Dewine says more is coming, “This wasn’t easy. As you know we are competing in a volatile marketplace with other states and countries for this critical equipment. You’ve heard me say it before, #COVID19 will be with us for a while, and we need to make sure we have the #PPE necessary to address hot spots in the future. That is why our team continues to identify sources of reliable, recurring supplies of PPE.” 

Dewine made a remark about Ohio in his statements today, “our strategy remains the same, if we can find it in the marketplace, we’ll buy it if we can’t buy it, we’ll make it.”

Dewine was speaking about some of the innovations that Ohio has done with Battlle sterilizing systems, and local companies stopping regular production and starting new productions of PPE to assist in Pandemic.