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From the Desk of Linda Chancey: City Council Meetings for December 11


CIRCLEVILLE – Three Important City meetings will be held on December 11 in the city hall building in downtown Circleville.  At 6 pm the Compensation Study Committee Meeting will meet to discuss compensation and benefits for the Mayor of Circleville.  An ordnance was created from this committee and sent to Council for Approval but was voted back to the committee for further discussion with a vote of 4 to 3.

Circleville Mayor went on record saying he does not believe the mayor needs a substantial raise.  He also said that a raise like this would look bad for the upper levels of Circleville and that money could go to other employees of Circleville.

Councilman Tom Spring argued that the raise was condusive to most cities the size of Circleville and if we wanted to be competitive for the position of mayor we need to make this decision.  He also said that for the last 30 years the mayor position has been held by a retiree and feels this holds Circleville back.

Councilwoman Katie Logan Hedges, said she disagreed with the raise, “its no secret that the City of Circleville is struggling financially, and I view the city as a business and the very last thing a business should do is give the top leaders a pay raise in this situation.  We constantly tell constituents, “there is no money or that we cannot finish projects we have started because of lack of funds.”

More talk on this issue will continue at 6 pm.

The Finance Committee will meet at 7 pm to discuss a Ordinance of Allocating funds from income tax revenue fund, and an Ordinan ce in The Municipal Income Tax Fund 202, The Cablevision Fund 211, The Safety Forces .5% Income Tax Fund 212, The Safety Forces .1% Income Tax Fund 216,  The Capital Improvement Fund 306 And The Water Plant Rehabilitation Fund 838 Of The City Of Circleville.

Then the committee will hear of any new business.

At 7:15 Public Service and Utility Committee will meet to discuss a Ordinance from Don Sherman Utility Director, An Ordinance Authorizing The Director Of Public Service To Dispose Of 1997 And 1999 Model Dump Trucks Since Replacement Were Purchased And Declaring An Emergency. 

Then the committee will hear of any new business.

All three of these meetings will be available for the public to come and join the discussion.