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From the Desk of Linda Chancey: Circleville Council Meetings for Tuesday January 15, 2019

Lina Chancey at her desk in Council Chambers

CIRCLEVILLE – The Committee of the Whole will meet on January 15 at 6:30 for a public meeting on discussions on the closing of four railroad crossings in Circleville. The Ohio Rail Development and Norfolk Rail Southern Railway Company have partnered a study of railway grade crossing safety in the City of Circleville.

That study found four crossings could be closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and would improve overall safety.According to Don Sherman Public Service Director, “This is part of a federal mandate they are trying to close 25% of railroad crossings for saftey.  We currently have 18 crossings in the City of Circleville, 10 of them are main lines, High, Main, Mill, Mound, Ohio, Scioto, Court, Pickaway, Washington, and Clinton Streets.”

Heres more of the story here: http://www.sciotopost.com/city-of-circleville-wants-your-input-on-four-railroad-crossings-that-may-close-in-town/

City Council will then meet at regular time at 7 pm following the committee of the whole meeting.  During City Council they will discuss the ordance authorizing the mayor to enter into a agreement for the proposal of the Ohio Rail Development. During the Council meeting there will be reports from Council Members, Committee reports, and Reports from City Officials. There is no legislation for first, second, or third reading tonight. 

At 7:30 City Council and City Government will adjourn into executive session and will not be open to the public.  This discussion is for further Berger Board discussions.