Home News Darbydale Murderer Arrested in Texas

Darbydale Murderer Arrested in Texas


Pleasant Township – A woman is in jail after being accused of killing her husband and fleeing the state.

According to Franklin county Sheriffs office Brandi Nicole Edmond, 25 has admitted to murdering her husband in a custody dispute where she did not have legal custody of her children. Edmond has admitted to killing her husband Jeremy Edmond inside his home with a single gun shot to the head. She then left the state with her two small children.

Brandi was found about a week later in Mount Pleasant Texas by Texas Rangers, police were able to arrest Brandi and take custody of her children unharmed. Brandy was arrested on May 31 on a aggravated murder charge and is currently being held in Tarrant County Jail pending extradition to Ohio where she will hold trial.