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COVID-19 Update: Pickaway County at 13, Ross County 2, Ohio 2,199 Confirmed Cases


OHIO – Ohio CDC updated the website at 2 pm today reporting 2,199 confirmed cases in Ohio,55 deaths, 193 ICU Admissions, 585 in Hospitals.  27,275 people in Ohio have been tested, 345 are health care workers that are positive with COVID-19.

Changes in local counties Fairfield has 14 cases now, Ross County now has two cases, Admas county has confirmed their first case. Pickaway County is at 13 confirmed cases with one hospitalizatized read more here: http://COVID-19.

US – President Trump said today that he will extend distancing guidelines for a month because of the spread of the virus in the US during March 29th press conference.

Trump initially ordered a 15-day period of social distancing and expires Monday March 30th. Originally Trump said that he would relax the order come April 1st now he has changed direction to extend to April 30th.

Dewine backed that up with a order to shut schools until May 1st: Read more here

Dewine says that he plans to sign bill today that will relive the duty for courts to act on evictions during pandemic, but he did not want to suspend all evictions

Dewine Evictions, “we want everyone to stay home, and they must have a home to stay at but, the courts need to have flexibility to triall these cases if needed when it comes to domestic violence, illegal activities, we need to give the courts the ability to make the right choice.”OHIO –

Amy Acton talked about the cases in Ohio on Monday, and she said that they updated the website to the number of ICU admissions because that will be very important in the oncoming weeks. Age Ranges from 1-94 with a median age being 51 in the mid range in Ohio in the 40-50s. 47% have been males and 53% have been females, and 16% of the positives have been from health care workers.

Lt. Husted said on Tuesday that businesses should prepare to have justification for why they are remaining open and how they are operating. After Gov. Dewine and Amy Action ordered nonessential business to close.

GOV. Dewine said we would see a increase in confirmed cases because more testing was available. Dewine also said he believes that this virus is walking around unconfirmed in the entire state, and insisted on people to keep staying home and keeping social distance. Dewine issued a stay-at-home order during March 22 news conference more on that here: http://www.sciotopost.com/stay-home-order-frequently-asked-questions/

The full stay at home order is here: http://www.sciotopost.com/dewine-stay-home-order-documents/

“This virus, this infiltrator continues to spread throughout Ohio, at this time it is widespread. What we do and what we do not do will determine how many Ohioans will die at this time. We have in our hands now how far and fast this will spread,” said Gov. Dewine.

 Dewine is talking about social distancing and “flattening the curve” minimizing social interactions to stop the spread of the virus. More on flattening the curve here: http://www.sciotopost.com/flattening-curve-closures-quarantines-save-lives/

“We must act like we have been invaded by the enemy, this enemy cannot advance without our help.”
According to CDC not everyone will be tested at this time, only people who fall in special categories, mostly elderly (55 and older) and people with medical conditions. There is no drive thru testing currently in Pickaway county, but there are plans for one eventually. People have been tested for COVID-19 in Pickaway County but they have been traveling to Franklin County for drive thru testing. None of those tests have came back confirmed at this time, some of those tests are pending results