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Council asks Administration for Costs of Everts Maintenance


CIRCLEVILLE – Council was a late night on Tuesday, March 6.  A busy schedule with seven ordinances, an executive session with Berger, and a Committee of the Whole to discuss the remaining section of Everts School that the city still owns.

The committee of the whole discussed solutions for the Everts building that has stood empty for many years, several without power and heat.  Council talked about how to negotiate a deal with ArtsAround one of the only interested parties for the Everts building.

In the end, the council voted to ask city administration for the costs to get bids and what exactly would need to be done to get the Everts building utilities reconnected and operating.  ArtsAround suggested that they could get the utilities connected cheaper through the 5013c Charity organization.

ArtsArounds John Pennell said, “He was happy to see any movement on this project, that it has been at a standstill for quite some time.”


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