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Columbus Retro Group Gaming Convention July 6th


COLUMBUS – A local retro gaming group will have its annual showcase of classic gaming wares and fun in Columbus Ohio area on July 6th. If you are norstagic about retro gaming, interested in joining a community, or wanting to pick up that game you always wanted to play again this the place.

TORG Summit Gaming Convention was first established five years ago, around a Facebook community page called “The Ohio Retro Gamer” or “TORG” for short created by Mike Colletti II. The page was made to bring people together in a shared passion of all things nostalgia that broke the generic layout of so many buy-sell-trade pages. This page was more about the hobby and enjoyment of gaming then about transaction but featured both to a healthy degree.

These set ideals would branch into an idea… We have a community, let’s base a con around it and bring those same values of the community into the Con. Thus year one was kicked off, super small venue and about 18 vendors but we were determined. We decided that year, any proceeds made from the Summit would go into next year’s Con. We’ve been operating that way since then. Due to the efforts of Jeremy Hayes working as our event space liaison, doing an amazing job helping us secure venues each year we never had an issue finding a spot. Over the years Rachel Oscherwitz, Shaun Hollen, Jon and Kayla Minniear, Donald Thorsen and Dan Petrovski have joined the team and have been pushing the envelope to make the Summit better this year than it’s ever been. With a gradual increase in head count of around 200+ a year, this year looks to be promising with Thorsen Gaming Experience set to mount one of the biggest arcade experiences this year that the Summit has ever seen!

TORG Summit Staff is constantly looking for new ways to innovate and grow and with over 17,000sq ft, we imagine this year will be the year to really implement amazing ideas to attract all ages. This year look forward to 120+ tables of items, including Games, Merch, Toys, Art ranging from retro to modern pop-culture. Live music and on-site food and Tattoo! Tournaments will be ran by 1UPX ESPORTS featuring prizes and our TORG Cup trophies so don’t miss out on this amazing Community-driven Con!