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Columbus Police Chief Steps Down After Mayor Request


COLUMBUS – Mayor Andrew Ginther has asked for Police Chief Quinlan to step down after only one year of service, the Chief has agreed.

“It became clear to me that Chief Quinlan could not successfully implement the reform and change I expect and that the community demands. Columbus residents have lost faith in him and in Division’s ability to change on its own,” said the Mayor.

Police Chief Quinlan on a press release statement, “The opportunity to serve as your Chief of Police has been the honor of my career. I very much hoped to continue in that role, I respect the Safety Director’s Decision.”

Quinlan said that his position was never as important as his commitment, “In my three decades of service to Columbus, my commitment has never been to any title or position. It has been to this Division and this community I love.”

According to the department the demotion takes effect friday.