Home News Clean up at Hargus Lake Fills Multiple Bags of Trash

Clean up at Hargus Lake Fills Multiple Bags of Trash


CIRCLEVILLE – “We love fishing, so I am not discrediting the fun in that, but the lack of responsibility the people are taking for it,” said Allanah Brady.

A group of Earth Day minded ladies decided to spend the day cleaning up Hargest Lake on Sunday, April 22. We filled 16, 8-gallon bags less than half a mile of the waterline.  We even picked up slackingly and filled that much in 45-55 minutes,” said Brady.

We only cleaned up between the restrooms on the dam side, and pass the park up that little bridge; it was less than half a mile.  We all grew up locally; this lake holds a million memories for us that we are passing onto our children. We want to ensure they understand the responsibility of caring for the resources that we use.  So that hopefully when they have kids they can pass the same experiences on to them.

I hope it makes people think twice.  There were multiple cans of chew, beer, and Liquor bottles but, more than anything there were tons and, tons of worm or, bait cartons scattered. Mostly styrofoam that is not recyclable!

The cleanup ladies pictured are, Jaxie, and Allanah Brady, Ryder Hill, Fynlee Slone, Arbor Slone-in stroller, Eliza Hill, Jessica Payne and Ellen Slone.