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City Council Meetings: From The Desk Of Linda Chancey


CIRCLEVILLE – Two meetings are scheduled for Circleville City Council members for Tuesday November 19,2018.

Originally a Committee of the Whole was scheduled at 5:00 pm to further discuss Berger negotiations, but that meeting has been cancelled.  

A Circleville Council Meeting is scheduled for 7 pm Ordinances prepared for a second reading are:

An Ordnance to Provide for Expenditures in All Funds for the Calendar Year 2019 for The City of Circleville, this was passed during first reading unanimously.

An Ordnance to establish the position of administrative assistant within the department of the city law director, this was passed unanimously in first reading also.

Ordnance for First reading:

An ordinance granting Forjak local job creation income tax credits.  Forjak recently opted to open operations in Circleville, and renovate the building at 544 Clinton Street, the former building of automotive panels that was shut down 10 plus years ago.  More on this story here

After Ordnance readings New Business will be heard.