Home News Circleville Woman Warns of Hawk That Attempted to Take Fur Baby

Circleville Woman Warns of Hawk That Attempted to Take Fur Baby


CIRCLEVILLE – Around the afternoon yesterday, a woman from Circleville said her 15-year-old fur baby was almost taken by a bird of prey looking for food.

The incident happened in the southeast edge of town near east Ohio street.

“It swooped Down on us very close to my home. I was sitting on my kitchen steps and the hawk swooped down to my yard between where our truck was parked and my steps where, said the woman, “I was sitting outside with my three little dogs.”

She said she made some noise and the bird flew to some power lines just beyond her property not completely ready to give up the fight.

The couple identified the bird as a possible red tail hawk, a larger Ohio bird of prey that feeds mostly on Voles, mice, rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks make up the bulk of their diet. They also feed on medium size birds, reptiles, amphibians and large insects. They have also been observed feeding on road kill.

When these hawks set up a nesting area they cover around 2 miles looking for food, and could possibly be nesting in the GE plant area. The hawk can be between 18 and 26 inches and wingspan can be 43 to 57 inches. They can take small animals like cats and smaller dogs.

Today Tina Collins posted a photo of a large hawk in the Roundtown trail on our Scioto Post news and stories group. May be the same bird.

Take some caution if leaving your smaller dogs and cats outside in the area due to this.