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Circleville 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip Review


CIRCLEVILLE – Circleville Middle School 8th graders Arrived home last night from the annual Washington D.C. trip that seems to be the rite of passage in this area for eighth grade students.  Here is a collection of photos and events the kiddos did when on vacation. First stop was the Holocaust Museum where the kiddos were challenged to engage questions via twitter. “The inside style was cool it looked like a prison, they made you feel like you were being watched the whole time you visited and that was cool,” said Tucker Smythe.

On the same day our kiddos visited the Arlington National Cemetery where they had the privilege of Laying the Wreath of the Unknown Soldiers.  Here is some photos and video from that event.  Teachers again engaged the students with facts using the Twitter app to teach our students about the guards of the unknown soldiers. “There are very very strict on the proper procedures on how to guard the tomb.  It was also very cool to watch my fellow students put a wreath on the tomb,”said 8th grade student.

The morning of May 22, the 8th graders had the privilege of visiting the White House.  Where the students toured the White House, learned about FDR, visited the FDR memorial, learned about Eleanor Roosevelt, and Toured the Jefferson Memorial.  “The lines were really long to visit this area, the White House was smaller than I expected.  We noticed that every room had different style chandeliers,” said 8th grade students.

Photo bomb level expert: Principal Mr. Fox

The kiddos then went crusin on the Potomac, the boat had a buffet for lunch and entertainment for singing and dancing. “The boat didn’t even feel like it was moving unless you looked out the window.  Teenagers sang and danced to “Little Einstein” that made me laugh,” said 8th grade student.

On May 23, the students visited the Capitol and Library of Congress.  They watched the video “Out of Many” before the Capitol tour.  During the tour they visited the Statuary Hall , Lincoln Memorial, and the World War 2 memorial.  The students paid some respects to Vietnam and Korean War veterans that were touring the memorials also.  “In the Congress building it was huge!  I did not expect that.  The tile floors and the statues in those buildings were very well done and was enjoyable,” said 8th grade students.

To follow and see all the photos and comments from this trip follow this link to the twitter account: https://twitter.com/CirclevilleDC









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